[UPDATE] Hit list endpoints

All the API endpoints that ends in "/hits" has been updated (due to various reason) to the mandatory use of the argument "timeframe"

If you're using it in the old way, e.g. /hits?fromDay=20141201000000&toDay=20141231000000 you just need to add to the request "timeframe=custom", e.g. /hits?timeframe=custom&fromDay=20141201000000&toDay=20141231000000

The timeframe variable supports also (localized to your timezone) the following:

  • today
  • yesterday
  • last7 (last seven days)
  • last30
  • last90
  • last120
  • last180
  • currentmonth
  • previousmonth
  • custom (to be used with the params fromDay/toDay)


We're sorry for the issue.

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