Facebook ADs Tracking Discrepancies (Analytics reports)

If you are experiencing issues tracking Facebook ADS with third party analytics or link tracking services like Google Analytics, Goo.gl, etc... Well, you are not the only one.

There are a lot of forum threads regarding these discrepancies and since ClickMeter gives a more granular report on each event (compared to the other tracking services), we've run some tests using our tracking links, and finally our engineers found the way for tracking the exact amount of clicks that you are receiving on your posts (organic clicks + paid ADS clicks).

In your ClickMeter dashboard, in the list of events of your Campaign you'll be able to see clicks raw data, and breaking down the Performances and Clicks Facebook report per time of the day you'll able to match data between ClickMeter and Facebook.

The greatest value of using ClickMeter in Facebook ADS is that you will know exactly the total clicks you are receiving on your posts (organic clicks and FB ADS clicks), information that is missing in Facebook Insights, that gives this information only for impressions.

The list of clicks includes:

  1. Facebook ads clicks
    ClickMeter tracks all clicks on your Facebook message when displayed as an add

  2. Facebook organic traffic clicks
    ClickMeter tracks all the clicks that are made on your message but not as an add, as a normal message on your feed. 

  3. Spiders/Bots
    ClickMeter tracks all the clicks made by robots and spiders on your message both when it's an ad or a message shown in your feed (organic). 


FYI Facebook recently disclosed more Ad-Metric reporting glitches, and announced the willing of increasing compatibility with third party tracking services for certify its reports, official updates here:

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Facebook ads Discrepancies Updates: 
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